[Freeswitch-users] Hardware Specification and Performance

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There is no specific recommendation for scaling FreeSWITCH this is because
single setting changes can cause an order of magnitude or more differences
in concurrent call handing capabilities on the same exact hardware and
software builds. 


You will have to test your specific deployment scenarios directly.


Example, a box running G.711 to  G.711 calls is simply proxying media and
may easily handle 1000 calls, however make those G729 to G711 calls and that
number may be cut in half to 500 calls, now change that to OPUS Stereo  32K
to G.729 may only do 10% of that capacity due to the additional load
handling required to decode opus to SLIN, then resample it to 8K and mux the
2 stereo channels down to 1 channel, then recompress it all the way down to
G.729. And we havent even talked about voicemail, conferencing/3way calling,
etc etc etc etc etc etc


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I have been going through the below link and It would be helpful if you
could let me know the below two points. 





1.	like to know more about the maximum concurrent call the free switch
can support with the recommended system requirement. 
2.	Does it need any upgrade in the system hardware
requirements/additional packages if one tries to bring SBC before the
Freeswitch in case of external SIP trunk configuration.  



Thanks & Regards


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