[Freeswitch-users] Chrome is deprecating plan-b SDP semantics. Will verto be updated?

David P davidswalkabout at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 22:14:00 UTC 2021

Google announced that support in Chrome for "plan-b" SDP semantics will be
removed this August:
As I understand it, this means that FS' verto js library will stop working
unless it's updated to use "unified-plan" semantics.

I searched github and google for "verto" and "jquery.verto.js" to see if
I'd missed an announcement that this change was in-progress or done, but I
don't get a good match at either. Has it been moved out of
https://github.com/signalwire/freeswitch to a community repo? Does it have
a maintainer?

I can't become the maintainer, but this is a serious problem for us if we
don't have a solution by August.

Btw, Brian, thank you for your answer about HLS.
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