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Generally speaking:

- The more options in a menu the more chance your caller will need to 
have a menu repeated;
- Always tell most used options first so that the caller doesn't stay 
long in the IVR;
- Use 3x3 or 4x4 matrix - e.g. 3 levels deep w/3 options each at a 
- Always provide a key to repeat the menu and optimize the waiting time 
for key input so that callers have enough time;
- Use the same voice across the menu options;
- Optimize each sentence - they must be short but very informative;
- Be consistent; e.g. same way of telling the options across the menus;
- Hang up after 3 wrong options - this also avoids lingering calls

On 2020-10-09 09:22:22, "Bote Man" <botelist at gmail.com> wrote:

I don’t know the answer, but there’s a good possibility that a fine lady 
who records professional IVR prompts knows where to point you:

Allison at theivrvoice.com


John Boteler

BnC Group U.S.A.

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Subject: [Freeswitch-users] IVR UI/UX design

Hi all,

My organization runs a number of IVR systems for information delivery, 
and one issue we often run into is that users find the interface a bit 
awkward or hard to navigate. We have experimented quite a bit internally 
with adjusting the structures of menus, ordering, phrasing etc. But we 
feel like there must be some knowledge/experience out there and that it 
shouldn't be necessary to rediscover most of this ourselves.

Does anyone have recommendations for resources with info on best 
practices for IVR design? Or contacts in organizations/companies that 
have a lot of experience with this?

Kind regards,


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