[Freeswitch-users] Microsoft Teams integration

Stefan Kainz s.kainz at wnt.at
Mon Oct 5 07:27:25 UTC 2020


there were a few critical things, here are the ones that caused me some headaches:

1) Gateway needs "contact-in-ping" set to true, otherwise Teams will reject OPTIONS
( Which does exist since freeswitch 1.10.3 as i understand, so pretty new. )

1.1) It takes a little time for Microsoft Teams to recognize the sbc to be active in their SBC Overview.

2) "sip-ip" and "ext-sip-ip" have to be set to the sbc-domain you use in Teams.
( Which is sort of strange, because in my profile configs it says "do not use domains", so ... we will see if that causes any trouble. Hasn't so far. )

3) TLS - we tried letsencrypt for a very long time, but it didnt work, so we got our certificate from godaddy, which works like a charm.
( I've read that others got it to work with letsencrypt, so it might just be my incompetence )

4) Debugging is sort of hard to do since communication with teams is encrypted.
Use "sofia profile xxx siptrace on" in fs_cli. Once you see the decrypted messages, Microsoft sometimes has useful Error-messages in their sip-responses.

We now have a fully compatible multi-tenant setup, which is sort of cool.
For this, you need at least 4 defined Gateways per customer ( at least one for the provider side, and three for teams, because they have three proxies ) but we used mod_lua to load the configuration dynamically, so thats managable.
But i can remember that there are some limitations when it comes to gateways.
Something like, you can have a maximum of 255 gateways.
Please correct me if im wrong here.

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