[Freeswitch-users] low level as ARI

Aidar Kamalov aidar.kamalov at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 09:25:42 UTC 2020


is it possible in freeswitch to use channels and bridges on low level as in
ARI in asterisk?

When external user call to freeswitch I need to create bridge and get it's
uuid, then I want to move new created channel to new created bridge play
greeting sound and start music-on-hold in bridge.

After that I want to create outgoing call to freeswitch user and when he
answered move his channel to already created bridge. Then this user can add
to this bridge another users.

So, I already can call to freeswitch, park this call, play greeting sound
to caller, make outbound call to freeswitch user and park it too. But how
to create empty bridge and how to add to this bridge existing channels?

Aydar A. Kamalov
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