[Freeswitch-users] How to get the call uuid from FS by verto client

Jose Figueroa josen.figueroa at unixmexico.org
Fri Feb 28 01:15:36 UTC 2020

Hello folks,

I'm trying to get the generated Freeswitch call uuid when I make a call
using verto. Afaik I can export the variables from FS dialplan to verto
clients using verto_h_* prefix and it works in all other scenarios, only
not in this.
I added this in the outbound calls dialplan but I cannot get those
variables, such as uuid, country_name (I have a lua script to determine
what country I'm dialing to), etc.

I might be doing something wrong because according to this link
it says you could export variables to the Leg A or Leg B channels. I'm
trying but I don't find the solution clearly.

If someone managed this before, please let me know! it will be very

Jose Figueroa
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