[Freeswitch-users] event socket, mod_spandsp, remote tif files?

Gert Doering gd at medat.de
Thu Feb 20 15:09:13 UTC 2020

Good morning,

I am working on glueing mgetty+sendfax and freeswitch/spandsp together
(sort of "like GoFaxIP", just not hylafax, can't help myself here).

Using the freeswitch event socket is easy enough, but so far requires
me to copy over the .tif file to the freeswitch server, to reference
the file name for spandsp to send out.

The documentation (I could find so far) mentions the "unicast" command
in the context of mod_spandsp, but I think this is just for UDP RTP
data (so mod_spandsp could run remotely), and I have not found a way
to transfer "fax files" with it.

So, question to the group - if you have a freeswitch server with
mod_spandsp, and you have a remote host with an event socket client
and a .tif file to be sent, is there a way to "pass over" that .tif
file without copying it onto the server's file system first?  (CIFS,
NFS, etc. all fall under "copy onto the server's file system" in 
a way) - the idea is to have the server fairly much locked down, and
only talk to it from the fax client via event socket.


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