[Freeswitch-users] freeswitch Unimrcp Issue

Arjunstl arjun.nainwal at startelelogic.co.in
Wed Feb 12 12:40:19 UTC 2020

i want to test freeswitch ASR with unimrcp. in which i want to test only my
words of grammar, for an example if i speak certain words and if those words
are defined into my grammar then it will go ahead else it will not.

can you please help me out regarding this requrement?

my environment is : 

uniMRCP Server : Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS 

FreeSWITCH Server : Debian GNU/Linux 9.10 (Stretch)

my point of concerns are:

1. i'm testing a dialplan in which i'm loading grammar path from the same
server of freeswitch. but its not loading. sending grammar-loading-failure.
how to use grammar for scripts. i'm stuck, what and how to load the grammar
path for testing. is anything i'm missing dering configuration.

2. i want, when i make a test, then it should recognize only those words
which i defined into my grammar or phrases. apart from those words, it
shouldn't recognize.


can you please help me out to resolve these issues.

any help or suggestion, i will be greetful.


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