[Freeswitch-users] Stumped by mod_portaudio permissions issue

Tamer Higazi th982a at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 2 14:22:31 UTC 2020

Dear Mark,

I tell you exactly why.

That is less a permission issue.

if you open the shell as "root" and type alsamixer you won't be capable 
to access the soundcard because "root" is not in the 1st) sound group 
and 2nd) root ha no access to the pulseaudio server

This is why I MUST run freeswitch as the user that is currently logged in.

mod_alsa doesn't work at all. I didn't get it running, only 

best, Tamer

On 2020-02-02 07:59, Tom Lynn wrote:
> For what it's worth, I'm running into this very same issue over 4 
> years after the original poster.  I suspect that leaving off the group 
> option is leaving the process running as group root, which would mimic 
> my attempt at having the service run as user freeswitch/group root, 
> which allows mod_portaudio to function.
> I've posted here in the mail list, on IRC and in Slack, but the only 
> bite was someone hinting about freeswitch user needing to be in group 
> audio, which it is.  This is broken. I've looked at submitting a JIRA 
> on this, but my login doesn't appear to allow it.
> On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 9:45 AM Mark Haun <haunma at keteu.org 
> <mailto:haunma at keteu.org>> wrote:
>     covici at ccs.covici.com <mailto:covici at ccs.covici.com>
>     [covici at ccs.covici.com <mailto:covici at ccs.covici.com>] wrote:
>     > If  using alsa, did you check the permission of /dev/snd and its
>     > children?
>     Yes.  In fact, both alsa operations (aplay) and portaudio
>     enumeration work
>     correctly when running as the freeswitch user.  All of this is
>     detailed in
>     my initial post, two or three weeks ago.
>     Mark
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