[Freeswitch-users] chromakey not replacing background properly

Terry C infinite3219 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 14:21:36 UTC 2019

I'm using Freeswitch 1.8.5 and am trying to get Chromakey to work to
replace the background with a png or an mp4 file. I used the syntax:
chromakey <uuid> start auto 25 <path to png/mp4 file>

If I replaced the png file with a bg color like #00FF00, it works
successfully. However, if I use a png, it blends the png with the
background rather than replace it. I read in the code that the image file
needs to be RGBa, which it is and I've set the background in the png
explicitly to a color, but when chromakey is used to replace the
background, what was brown in the png shows up as purple.

I must be missing something on the properties of the png file to make this
work correctly. Furthermore, if I replace it with an mp4, it shows up all

Can someone tell me the properties of the files that need to be present for
both png and mp4 for it to work? I can't seem to find any documentation on
this. If you have any samples of png or mp4 files that have worked and and
can share with me, that would be great so I can try to model that.

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