[Freeswitch-users] avmd stop not working on 1.8.5

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If you think you have found a bug its best to open a ticket on Jira. That
way all the discussion, problem descriptions, patches and commits are all
tracked together and the devs don't have to search the mailing list to see
what is broken or see this, get busy then forget it about it later


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Hi all,


Just leaving this out here for anyone encountering the same issue:

It seems like the 'avmd {uuid} stop' command is just broken in this version.


We've changed our python script to call the avmd_start and avmd_stop
applications on the session itself, like so: 




session.execute("avmd", "start|stop") gives a deprecated warning, as
documented on the wiki. 


Also, when a beep is detected, do not call session.execute("avmd_stop") as
this results in the same behavior as when calling 'avmd {uuid} stop'. 

Simply skip the stop command when session.getVariable("avmd_detect") returns


Hope this helps.





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Subject: [Freeswitch-users] avmd stop not working on 1.8.5




The command 'avmd {uuid} stop' is currently causing some issues on one of
our Freeswitch instances running version 1.8.5 -6-31281a0bf1 (Installed
using apt-get).

When executing the command in Python or simply through the cli, it just
hangs and doesn't continue processing the rest of the script (in the case of

After the call is disconnected physically, the 'show channels' command still
shows the channel. 'uuid_kill' ends in 'no such channel'. 

Also, no new calls can be originated, until Freeswitch is restarted. 

I can disconnect from the cli, and reconnect again just fine, so Freeswitch
doesn't actually crash. 


We have another instance running an older version of Freeswitch 1.6.13 git
d422498 (Compiled from source), which doesn't run into this issue. 

The python script executed is the same on both instances.


When we remove the 'avmd {uuid} stop' command from the script, the script
continues normally and the call is disconnected without issue, and removed
from the internal db. 


Any ideas how to debug this properly? I've tried gdb, but since Freeswitch
doesn't crash, nothing is generated (unless I used it wrong. I'm not
experienced in running gdb).


What is the performance impact if we leave out the avmd stop command? Will
any resources consumed by the module be cleaned up automatically after the
call disconnects?







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