[Freeswitch-users] random source port

FUX fuxfwgc4a2i1gr at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 13:51:43 UTC 2019

Good morning.

Is any way in freeswitch to force to use same source port for outbound 
calls to gateway?

For example i have following gateway configuration :

<gateway name="PRO">
      <param name="proxy" value=""/>
      <param name="username" value="not-used"/>
      <param name="password" value="not-used"/>
      <param name="context" value="from_PRO"/>
      <param name="register" value="false"/>
      <param name="register-transport" value="tcp"/>
        <variable name="verbose_sdp" value="true"/>
        <variable name="absolute_codec_string" value="PCMA,PCMU" 

When i send outbound calls to gw PRO. FS choose random source port for 
every attempt. Due to it Gateway PRO fail to authenticate it.

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