[Freeswitch-users] DNS resolving for REGISTER requests

Sebastian Denz denzs at gonicus.de
Mon Jun 24 09:14:30 UTC 2019


i am using FreeSWITCH as SBC to our SIP provider (Deutsche Telekom in

This works quite well, but ~ once in a month we are unable to do
outbound calls.

It turned out, that the provider changes some IPs from time to time..

That leads to FreeSWITCH being registered to the old IP while
INVITE-requests of new dialogs are sent to the new address. The provider
terminates this with 403 - forbidden.

The registration happens every 5 minutes, but FreeSWITCH does not update
the dns cache for the target IP address. So i gets stuck in that
situation being registered on the old IP while sending INVITEs to the
new one..

The only solution to that is reloading the profile or restarting

Is there an option to make FreeSWITCH asking the dns _before every_
REGISTER? Or do you have any other suggestion on how to fix this?

Best regards,
Sebastian Denz

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