[Freeswitch-users] group_confirm_key=exec : freeswitch start exec on 183-session progress instead of 200-OK..

Julien Terrasson julien.terrasson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 14:23:23 UTC 2019

Good morning,

I'm using freeswitch Version 1.8.2 -3-a98a958ac3 64bit, and i have an issue
with the following scenario :

I bridge an outgoing call through a PSTN gateway, using group_confirm_key =
exec, mainly to ask the called party confirmation before establishing the
To do this, i use group_confirm_key=exec to start a lua script that :
* Plays a vocal prompt to warn the calleR party that he has to wait for his
call to be accepted.
* Plays a vocal prompt to request the calleD to press a DTMF to confirm
that he accept the call.

This worked fine until i start dialing numbers that make the PSTN gateway
to return a 183-session progress before 200-OK.
When this happen, the group_confirm script is triggered on reception of
183-session progress : before the calleD party actually has answered the
call !

Maybe i'm missing something, but I don't get why group_confirm_key=exec
start on 183-session progress, as per my understanding, confirmation
message should be requested only when B party has answered (200-OK).

Does somebody knows how group_confirm_key=exec is supposed to work ?
Should this be reported as an issue ?


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