[Freeswitch-users] No outbounds calls

paolo.visnoviz at vipcomputers.it paolo.visnoviz at vipcomputers.it
Fri Jun 14 18:38:18 UTC 2019

Ok guys, I give up. So I must ask help. :-(

In summary: I configured two endpoints and I can call from one to the 
other. I can receive outbond calls too, through my gateway, and the 
registration to it seems fine. But I can't call outside. The outbound 
calls don't works. I don't know where I'm wrong, is there anyone who can 
put me on the right path, please?

This is my gateway conf:

   <gateway name="outbound-my_provider">
     <param name="username" value="123456789"/>
     <!-- param name="auth-username" 
value="123456789 at ims.my_provider.net"/ -->
     <!-- param name="password" value="my_password"/ -->
     <param name="realm" value="ims.my_provider.net"/>
     <param name="from-user" value="123456789"/>
     <param name="from-domain" value="ims.my_provider.net"/>
     <param name="caller-id-in-from" value="true"/>
     <param name="proxy" value="123.ims.my_provider.net:5060"/>
     <param name="register" value="false"/>
     <!-- param name="register-transport" value="udp"/ -->
     <param name="context" value="public"/>
     <param name="extension" value="123456789"/>
     <param name="extension-in-contact" value="true"/>
     <param name="expire-seconds" value="3600"/>
     <!--param name="cid-type" value="rpid"/-->
     <!-- param name="contact-params" value="domain_name=$${domain}"/ -->
   <gateway name="123456789">
     <param name="username" value="123456789 at ims.my_provider.net"/>
     <param name="password" value="my_password"/>
     <param name="extension" value="123456789"/>
     <param name="proxy" value="ims.my_provider.net"/>
     <param name="from-user" value="123456789"/>
     <param name="from-domain" value="ims.my_provider.net"/>
     <param name="register-proxy" value="123.ims.my_provider.net:5060"/>
     <param name="expire-seconds" value="1800"/>
     <param name="retry-seconds" value="120"/>
     <param name="register" value="true"/>
     <param name="dtmf-type" value="rfc2833"/>
     <param name="register-transport" value="udp"/>
     <param name="context" value="public"/>

This is my dialplan:

<!-- /etc/freeswitch/dialplan/public/my_gateway.xml -->
   <extension name="outbound_calls">
     <condition field="destination_number" expression="(^\d{5,14}$)">
      <action application="set" data="effective_caller_id_name=123456789"/>
      <action application="set" 
      <!-- action application="set" 
data="sip_h_P-Preferred-Identity=sip:123456789 at ims.my_provider.net"/ -->
      <action application="bridge" 

I'm natted and the parts comments out are about various tests. The 
firewall is opened for 5080 versus freeswitch. My freeswitch local ip is

This is my pastebin of my external call attempt: 
Thank you in advance. Best regards

Distinti saluti
/Paolo Visnoviz/

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