[Freeswitch-users] BLF issue

Sean Devoy sdevoy at bizfocused.com
Fri Jul 26 15:36:05 UTC 2019


After a lot of emails to China, typically one per day/night due the time difference, Fanvil believes this problem to be with FreeSwitch.  I am quite skeptical; my money is on you guys.

Here is the scenario:
Phone A is registered to ext 101. It also has a BLF for ext 102.
Phone B is registered to 102.

Almost everything works exactly as expected. When phone B gets or makes a call the BLF works. The thing that fails is ONLY when phone B calls phone A.  At the end of the call, phone A's BLF for B stays red.  A call in the other direction, does not produce the problem.

Fanvil ran network captures and says we (you) do not send a Notify to phone A regarding Phone B's call end.  My question is, does FS send the Notify regarding B after a call from B ends?  If not, I am betting there is a standard somewhere that explains why it is unnecessary - clearly it should not be needed.

Thanks for your time,
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