[Freeswitch-users] RTP (re)generation issue

Dmitriy Borisov borik.internet at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 09:19:18 UTC 2019

Hello! Need your help!

I have next scheme of RTP processing:

rtpengine <-> caller freeswitch <-> robot freeswitch.

And next scheme of call:
1. Caller make an outgoing call (1) via rtpengine
2. On answer caller make an outgoing call (2) to robot and bridge it with
call (1)

I have a problem with RTP stream rtpengine -> caller freeswitch -> robot

I see in a pcap that RTP packets goes from rtpengine to caller freeswitch
without significant jitter. But sometimes caller freeswitch make a ~200ms
length pause in RTP transmitting. After pause caller freeswitch renew
transmitting of RTP packets, and first packet have a marker bit set. As I
know from RFC 3551, marker bit means that stream starts after pause of

This pauses are very harmful for me becuse them break speech recognition
process of robot freeswitch side.

I use PCMA codec with ptime=20 and no any virtualization of caller
freeswitch hardware.

Do you have any thinks about reason of this pauses and how can I remove

With best regards
   Dmitry Borisov
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