[Freeswitch-users] asr_handle codec = (null)

Bernd Krueger-Knauber bkk at ednt.de
Tue Jul 23 06:21:08 UTC 2019


I'm testing unimrcp but get empty rtp packets from fs to unimrcp server 
when I want detect speech.
The support from unimrcp told me that with my unimrcp setup is 
everything fine.
He pointed me to the following log entry:

[INFO] mod_unimrcp.c:3134 asr_handle: name = unimrcp, codec = (null), 
rate = 8000, grammar = (null), param = uni2

codec = (null) is wrong.
But I have no idea what I can do. Everything else is working in this fs 
Also speech generation via unimrcp is working.

I use FreeSwitch 1.8.7.

Any hints?

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