[Freeswitch-users] Missing remote sound in recordings using OPUS codec

Allan Kristensen ak at hejdu.dk
Tue Jul 23 15:16:42 UTC 2019


I'm missing remote sound when recording call using the Opus codec. The
sound works perfectly during the call, but when listing to recording
afterwards, remote sound is missing (sound from SIP UA / A-leg). When using
PCMA/PCMU codec recording works fine.

*To use OPUS I do:*
Set 'absolute_codec_string', 'OPUS at 8000h@20i at 1c'

*To start the recordin i do:*
<action application="record_session" data="$${RECORDING_DIR}/${uuid}.wav"/>

Extra info: The call is being transcoded to PCMA/PCMU to carrier when using
Opus codec.

Tried both v1.8 branch and master and using Opus lib 1.3-1

Does transcoding cause the problems perhaps? or is it mod_opus?

Thank you...
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