[Freeswitch-users] Problem with Dial Plan and Diversion Headers

Rick Ewart rick at ewart.net
Mon Jul 22 20:34:13 UTC 2019

Hi all.

I am having an issue with calls not being routed correctly in our
freeswitch system and I am having trouble figuring out the real cause. We
are using the following in our routing plan to determine the number being
called on an incoming call, which seems pretty straight forward:
       <condition break="never">
	    	<action inline="true" application="set"
		<action inline="true" application="set" data="did_num=0"/>

Generally speaking it works fine - we have been in production for years
now doing many millions of calls. But an issue has cropped up with a call
that comes in and is not being routed properly. Below is the SIP INVITE
and header we receive (sanitized to protect the guilty). You will note
that the INVITE has 15615551234 which is the correct DID on our system
being called. However the "To" header specifies 14145241234 which if I
understand what I read, is apparently what the caller dialed and it was
diverted to our DID. Since my system never heard of 14145241234, it routed
it to our default "Not in Service" message.

In discussing with my carrier, they are saying its being delivered
correctly and my system must be setup improperly for this situation. Since
I never heard of the diversion header before this, I am at a bit of a loss
(even after reading some articles on it). I thought I had a pretty good
handle on this stuff but this is throwing me for a loop as it seems to me
that the "To" should have been rewritten on the far end B2BUA (or
somewhere before it got to me) to be the same as the INVITE but apparently

I am trying to figure out what would be the most failsafe variable to use
if destination_number is not it (as its what I see in all the FS Doc
examples and elsewhere). Seems the INVITE is the only place the real
number exists in this situation. I am searching for what that variable
would be correct as the Channel Variables docs don't contain a lot of
descriptions. I am thinking perhaps it should be sip_req_user? Since it's
a production box, I figured I should ask the experts rather than guess on
my own and make people grumpy due to some other unintended consequence I
don't realize.

I appreciate any help/explanation you can/are willing to provide. 

Rick Ewart

Session Initiation Protocol (INVITE)
    Request-Line: INVITE sip:15615551234 at SIP/2.0
    Message Header
        Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK0cB87133736bc4b79bd
        From: "ABC COMPANY" <sip:15615554162 at>;tag=gK0c5693cd
        To: <sip:14145241234 at>
        Call-ID: 191660912_117119432 at
        CSeq: 271179 INVITE
        Max-Forwards: 70
        Accept: application/sdp
        Contact: "ABC COMPANY" <sip:15615554162 at>
        Remote-Party-ID: "ABC COMPANY"
<sip:15615554162 at>;privacy=off
<sip:+1414524123 at>;privacy=off;screen=no;reason=unknown;c
        Supported: replaces
        Content-Length:   281
        Content-Disposition: session; handling=required
        Content-Type: application/sdp

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