[Freeswitch-users] How to update the caller id when bridging?

Andrew Clayton andrew at zeta.digital-domain.net
Sat Oct 6 01:04:00 UTC 2018

So this is a question based around the FreeSWITCH C API.

I have two scenarios involving two endpoints, A & B.

Scenario 1

FS calls B using switch_ivr_originate(), it then calls A (say a
Linphone client) and creates a new switch_caller_profile_t for it using
switch_caller_profile_new() and sets the ->caller_id_number field to e.g
1234 to indicate a call from B and then does a switch_ivr_originate().

A rings and Linphone shows the call coming from 1234 at ... OK, that's all
fine. The calls are bridged together with switch_ivr_uuid_bridge(A, B)

Scenario 2

FS calls A (again lets say a Linphone client) using
switch_ivr_originate(), A rings and shows the call coming from
0000... at ..., that's fine, I didn't set any CID.

Now A is parked and is off-hook.

FS then calls B, A & B are then bridged together with
switch_ivr_uuid_bridge(A, B), now of course Linphone still shows the
call as from  0000... at ... I'd like it show for example 1234 at ... like

Now I've tried setting numerous fields in the switch_caller_profile_t
structure for A just before doing the bridge, but to no avail.

So does what I'm trying to do make sense?

Is it even possible?


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