[Freeswitch-users] keep-alive RE-INVITE dropped calls

Bipin Patel bipin at xbipin.com
Wed Oct 3 08:36:15 UTC 2018

thanks, managed to fix this, problem was carrier was sending the re
invite but it wasn't reaching FS even though i had ports open and both
my server and carrier server were able to talk to each other for
outgoing calls, my FS is on a public IP so NAT isnt an issue and i had
to explicitly add a allow rule for FS external SIP port and strangely
the re invite started reaching FS and FS started responding, my other
problem is i want FS to just reply to the re invite after which the
carrier sends a ack but dont want FS to renegotiate codecs because the
carrier re invite has SDP with the same codec that the call is running
on so codecs will not change but they just send the re invite to prevent
fraud which needs to be answered to prevent call being dropped. 

is there a way to make FS respond to the re invite but not try and
renegotiate codecs coz currently i see messages such as renegotiating
codecs and then no change. 

On 03-10-2018 00:05, Michael Jerris wrote:

> Sounds like a nat issue that their re-invite isnt getting to us.  Review what you are sending in sip signaling to make sure they are the correct addresses and nothing in the network is blocking that request. 
> Mike 
>> On Oct 2, 2018, at 1:38 AM, Bipin Patel <bipin at xbipin.com> wrote: 
>> hi,
>> im suffering call drops from carrier in roughly 15mins and i reported this to the carrier and they replied with the below:
>> If the duration of the call was a multiple of 15 minutes, please make sure that you can properly respond to the keep-alive RE-INVITE that we sends every 15 minutes.
>> i have no clue on how this works in FS so can any1 point me the right direction on how to sole this, we use FS to route calls from our switch to carrier
>> -- 
>> Regards,
>> Bipin
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