[Freeswitch-users] [FreeBSD 11] FS 1.8.0 needs -KILL signal to stop after shutdown issued

Eric Masson emss at free.fr
Thu Aug 10 18:52:04 UTC 2017

Le 10/08/2017 à 15:57, Brian West a écrit :

Hi Brian,

> You should NEVER set local_ip_v4 in vars.xml, You should use an 
> arbitrary variable for whatever config option you're trying to tweak in 
> vars.xml and use that elsewhere in your configs.

Ok, I was setting this var to overcome an issue in the ip v4 address 
detection that leads to the following error :
2017-08-10 18:47:52.414234 [ERR] sofia.c:3220 Error Creating SIP UA for 
profile: internal (sip:mod_sofia@:5060;transport=udp,tcp) ATTEMPT 3 
2017-08-10 18:47:52.414234 [ERR] sofia.c:3230 Error Creating SIP UA for 
profile: internal (sip:mod_sofia@:5060;transport=udp,tcp)
The likely causes for this are:
1) Another application is already listening on the specified address.
2) The IP the profile is attempting to bind to is not local to this system.

local_ip_v4 is not set :
freeswitch at newsrv.interne.associated-bears.org> eval ${local_ip_v4}

freeswitch at newsrv.interne.associated-bears.org>

Setting local_ip_v4 was suggested in the following thread :

> Try without setting local_ip_v4 in vars.xml.  If the issue goes away 
> file a JIRA either way.

Nope, the issue is still present.

JIRA filed as https://freeswitch.org/jira/browse/FSCOMM-20
Hope I created it in the right section.

Éric Masson

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