[Freeswitch-users] Filtering UA's IP

Juan Pablo L. jpablolorenzetti at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 26 10:11:49 MSD 2015

Hi, is there any way on freeswitch to forbid registration (or any connection) from certain regions in the world ? .. 
what i need to accomplish is to prevent people from connecting from my same country as we have a voip service
that is supposed to be accessed only when you are out of the country so i need to validate the UA's ip when registering.
I can not use a router or FW or any other thing in front of the freeswitch because the same freeswitch  also serves 
other services that do not have this  restriction. This restriction only affects users in one profile only. 
I m aware that i could capture the registrations using a lua script and i guess from there i could consult
a GeoIP database etc etc but that affects all profiles and not only this particular profile of this particular service
and that could be a performance hit for the service as a whole so i would like to avoid that.

thank you!
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