[Freeswitch-users] Stumped by mod_portaudio permissions issue

covici at ccs.covici.com covici at ccs.covici.com
Fri Sep 11 18:09:38 MSD 2015

If  using alsa, did you check the permission of /dev/snd and its

Mark Haun <haunma at keteu.org> wrote:

> Larry Morley [lmorley at neny.cslimits.net] wrote:
> > if you step back and look at your earlier posts, and clear your mind, I
> > think you'll start hearing someone(s) whispering "race condition",
> > "contention", et al.  From a metacognitive perspective I'm fairly certain
> > that's what you're running into.
> That is an interesting theory.  Unfortunately, with a workaround in hand
> (run with u but not -g), my motivation to get to the bottom of this is not
> sufficient to dig in from scratch.
> Permissions management is a critical part of any system daemon, and this
> could be the shadow of a bug with security implications.  So I had hoped
> that it would attract more interest from those with pre-existing knowledge
> of the code.  That it has not reduces my confidence in freeswitch somewhat,
> and makes me wonder how much of it is in a "don't touch that, it's working"
> state.  Then again, I can't complain about the price...
> Anyway, I hope there is enough of a google trail here for other users to
> find the thread.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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