[Freeswitch-users] The FreeSWITCH 1.6.0 release is here!

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Tue Sep 8 18:56:10 MSD 2015

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The FreeSWITCH 1.6.0 release is here!
The FreeSWITCH 1.6.0 release is here! This is a routine maintenance release and the resources are located here:

Tarball: http://ift.tt/1NfRO7L

Packaging: http://ift.tt/1U8FMQN (Please Note the updated location for 1.6 packages)

And we’re dropping support in packaging for anything older than Debian 8.0 and anything older than Centos 7.0 due to a number of dependency issues on older platforms.

New features that were added:

FS-7337 [mod_sofia] Add support for Remote-Party-ID header in UPDATE request.

FS-7561 [mod_sofia] Add Perfect Forward Secrecy (DHE PFS)

FS-7560 [mod_nibblebill] Added new options to nibble bill for minimum charges and rounding

FS-7587 FS-7602 FS-7499 [mod_verto] Add ipv6 support to Verto / Websockets and additional support ice/dtls ipv6 functionality

FS-6801 [mod_sofia] Add sip_watched_headers variable to launch events when a SIP message contains a given SIP header

FS-7564 [mod_rayo] Added new algorithms for offering calls to clients

FS-7436 FS-7601 [mod_opus] Added FEC support

FS-7603 [mod_event_socket] Failover for socket application in dialplan

FS-7585 [mod_rtmp] Increased AMF buffer for larger video and add bandwidth settings to flash video

FS-7311 [mod_sofia] Updating display name is disabled when caller_id equal “_undef_”

FS-7513 [mod_conference] Add video-auto-floor-msec param to control how long a member must have the audio floor before also taking the video floor and make sure user does not have auto avatar when not visible

FS-7620 [ftmod_libpri] Correctly set calling number presentation and screening fields

FS-7138 [mod_callcenter] Added a new reserve-agents param

FS-7436 FS-7601 [mod_opus] FEC support

FS-7623 [mod_amqp] Allow for custom exchange name and type for producers and fixed param name ordering bug caused by exposing these params

FS-7638 Allow ipv4 mapped ipv6 address to pass ipv4 ACLs properly

FS-7643 [mod_opus] Added interpretation of maxplaybackrate and sprop-maxcapturerate

FS-7641 Added video support to eavesdrop

FS-7656 [mod_localstream] Added mod_local_stream video support, and make mod_conference move the video in and out of a layer when the stream has video or not, scan for relative file in art/eg.wav.png and display it as video when playing audio files, put video banner up if artist or title is set, and fixed a/v sync on first connection

FS-7629 [mod_conference] Added member status in json format to the conference live array, add livearray-json-status to conference-flags to enable

FS-7517 FS-7519 [mod_av] [mod_openh264] Added H264 STAP-A packeting support so it would work with FireFox

FS-7664 [mod_verto] Set ICE candidate timeout to wait for only 1 second to fix media delays

FS-7660 [mod_opus] Enabled with new API command “opus_debug” to show information about Opus payload for debugging.

FS-7519 [mod_av] Fixed bitrate and added some presets

FS-7693 [mod_conference] Lower the default energy level in sample configs to improve voice quality

FS-7720 Improve play_and_detect_speech to set current_application_response channel variable as follows: “USAGE ERROR”: bad application arguments’, “GRAMMAR ERROR”: speech recognizer failed to load grammar, “ASR INIT ERROR”: speech recognizer failed to allocate a session, and “ERROR”: any other errors

FS-7732 Continue recording with uuid_transfer

FS-7752 [mod_rayo] Increase maximum number of elements from 30 to 1024 to allow adhearsion to create large grammars to navigate IVR menus.

FS-7750 [mod_commands] Allow for uuid_setvar to handle arrays

FS-7758 [mod_loopback] Emit an event if a loopback bowout occurs

FS-7759 [mod_sofia] Added the channel variable ignore_completed_elsewhere to suppress setting the completed elsewhere cause

FS-7771 Set a channel variable if the recording is terminated due to silence hits

FS-7760 Added xml fetch for channels to externally support nightmare transfer depends on channel-xml-fetch-on-nightmare-transfer profile param (default is disabled)

FS-7730 [mod_smpp] Added mod_smpp as an event handler module
and fixed the default configs to provided sample load option for mod_sms and mod_smpp

FS-7774 Add mod_kazoo

FS-7780 Add new channel variable max_session_transfers. If set, this variable is used to count the number of session transfers allowed instead of the max_forwards variable. If not set, the existing behavior is preserved.

FS-7783 Add channel variable for capturing DTMF input when using play_and_get_digits when the response does not match

FS-7772 [mod_opus] Add functionality to keep FEC enabled on the encoder by modifying the bitrate if packet loss changes (Opus codec specific behaviour).

FS-7799 [mod_png] Add API command uuid_write_png

FS-7801 [mod_opus] Added support to set CBR mode

FS-7685 [mod_say_nl] Fix Dutch numbers pronunciation

FS-7198 Add coma separated values and reverse ranges for time-of-day and day-of-week matches

FS-7809 [mod_opus] Added 60 ms ptime for Opus at 8 khz ( opus at 8000h@60i )

FS-7405 [mod_dialplan_xml] Fix condition regex=”all” to work with time conditions

FS-7819 [mod_opus] Restore bitrate (if there’s no more packet loss) and added step for 60 ms

FS-7773 [mod_sofia] Adding additional transfer events when the fire-transfer-events=true profile parameter is set

FS-7820 FreeSWITCH automated unit test and micro benchmark framework

FS-7769 [mod_conference] Add new multi-canvas and telepresence features

FS-7847 [mod_conference] Add layers that do not match the aspect ration of conference by using the new hscale layer param for horizontal scale, and add zoom=true param to crop layer instead of letterbox, add grid-zoom layout group that demonstrates these layouts, and fix logo ratios and add borders too.

FS-7813 [mod_conference] Add vmute member flag.

FS-7846 [mod_dptools] Add eavesdrop_whisper_aleg=true and eavesdrop_whisper_bleg=true channel variables to allow you to start eavesdrop in whisper mode of specific call leg

FS-7760 [mod_sofia] Revise channel fetch on nightmare transfer and add dial-prefix and absolute-dial-string to the nightmare xml

FS-7829 [mod_opus] Add sprop-stereo fmtp param to specify if a sender is likely to send stereo or not so the receiver can safely downmix to mono to avoid wasting receiver resources

FS-7830 [mod_opus] Added use-dtx param in config file (enables DTX on the encoder, announces in fmtp)

FS-7824 [mod_png] Add functionality for capturing screenshots from both legs to uuid_write_png

FS-7549 [mod_ladspa] Added an API for removing an active ladspa effect on a channel. For conformance reasons, the uuid_ladspa command now accepts ‘stop’ and ‘start’, while the previous functionality (without any verb) which will simply add ladspa remains intact.

FS-7848 [mod_opus] Add support for 80 ms, 100 ms, 120 ms packetization

FS-7519 FS-7677 [mod_av] Add H.263 codec support

FS-7885 Add getcputime to retrieve FreeSWITCH process CPU usage

FS-7889 [mod_conference] Move conference chat to use an event channel so messages only go to the right ‘room’ for the conference and move conference chat functionality to use event_channel.

FS-7900 [mod_png] Allow snapshot of single legged calls

FS-7912 [mod_lua] Added session UUID to lua error logs, if known and added session UUID to embedded language (lua, javascript, etc) logs when session sanity check fails

FS-7760 [mod_sofia] Improved the xml fetch lookup for channels on nightmare transfer

FS-7922 [mod_commands] Added uuid_redirect API command. This provides the equivalent functionality of the dptools “redirect” application as an api command.

FS-7806 FS-7803 [mod_amqp] Added new properties to amqp configuration, fixed the usage for enable_fallback_format_fields, and added amqp_util_encode to fix a routing key issue

FS-7972 [verto communicator] Creating Verto Communicator

FS-7988 Add a perl script to help file bugs from the command line and add fixbug.pl to tree

FS-8009 [verto communicator] Create a grunt project with livereload support. Documentation can be found here.

FS-8010 [verto communicator] Add options for googAutoGainControl, googNoiseSuppression, and googHighpassFilter

FS-7855 [verto communicator] Pass userVariables back to the live array to allow for displaying the Gravatar associated with a member’s email address

FS-8075 [mod_hiredis] Add mod_hiredis including support for redis limits and added support for raw redis commands. Added deprecation notices to mod_redis

FS-8049 [mod_commands] Add getenv FSAPI

FS-8036 [verto.js] Add chatCallback to $.verto.conf

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:

FS-7610 Fixed a gcc5 compilation issue

FS-7499 Fixed a build error on 32bit platforms

FS-7570 Fixed a compilation issue w/ zrtp enabled

FS-7426 Only disable mod_amqp on Debian Squeeze and Wheezy

FS-7635 Removed msvc 2005, 2008, and 2010 non working build systems

FS-7373 Expose the custom repo and key path to the build-all command too

FS-7648 Foundation for QA testing config , adding leave/check videomail test cases, adding videomail voicemail profile, adding video record/ playback test cases, adding set video on hold, force pre-answer prefix, and adding an eavesdrop test case.

FS-7338 Removed mod_shout dep libs to system libs to continue cleaning up the libs for the 1.6 build process and added Debian packaging for several new modules, as well as handle system lib change for a handful of modules

FS-7653 Sample build system for a stand alone(out of tree) FreeSWITCH module

FS-7601 [mod_opus] [mod_silk] Removed a bounds check that can never be true in opus fec code and modify jitterbuffer usage to match the api change

FS-7648 More work toward setting up a QA testing configuration, add condition testing for regex all and xor cases, adding profile-variable for testing cases , add lipsync tests for playback and local stream, add stereo, and configuration for mcu test

FS-7338 Fixed bug in Debian packaging when trying to build against custom repo

FS-7609 Enable building of mod_sangoma_codec for Debian Wheezy/Jessie

FS-7667 [mod_java] Fixed include directory detection when using Debian java packages and use detected directory

FS-7655 Make libvpx and libyuv optional (none of the video features will work without them) The following modules require these libraries to be installed still: mod_av mod_cv mod_fsv mod_mp4v2 mod_openh264 mod_vpx mod_imagick mod_vpx mod_yuv mod_png mod_vlc, fix build issue w/ strict prototypes, and fix a few functions that need to be disabled without YUV

FS-7605 Fixed default configuration directory in Debian packages and fixed Debian packaging dependencies on libyuv and libvpx

FS-7669 When installing from Debian packaging if you don’t have the /etc/freeswitch directory, we will install the default packages for you. If you already have this directory, we’ll let you deal with your own configs.

FS-7297 [mod_com_g729] Updated the make target installer

FS-7644 Added a working windows build without video support for msvc 2013

FS-7666 [mod_managed] Fixed error building mod_managed on non windows platforms

FS-7707 Fix build error on CentOS7

FS-7655 Fixed a build error when we have PNG but not YUV

FS-7723 Change RPMs to use -ncwait instead of -nc. This will cause the initscript to pause and wait for FS to be ready before continuing.

FS-7648 Added a test cases for FS-7724 and FS-7687

FS-7726 Additional configurations for a QA test case

FS-7715 Updates to configure and spec files for next development branch and added images to spec file and fixed build/freeswitch.init.redhat since redhat likes to override settings in the script with TAGs in comments

OPENZAP-238 [freetdm] Fix some GSM compilation errors and do a bit of code cleanup

OPENZAP-237 [freetdm] Use __func__ instead of __FUNCTION__ to comply with c99 in gcc 5.1

FS-7628 [mod_erlang_event] Removed unused variables causing a compilation error

FS-7776 Add mod_kazoo to packaging

FS-7845 [mod_conference] Break up mod_conference into multiple source files to improve build performance

FS-7769 [mod_conference] Fixed a build issue

FS-7820 Fix build system typo. Don’t assign the same variable twice.

FS-7043 Fixed apr1 unresolved symbols in libfreeswitch.so.1.0.0

FS-7130 Make /run/freeswitch persistent in the Debian packages, so it will start under systemd

FS-7860 Prevent a switch_rtp header conflict

FS-7130 Make /run/freeswitch persistent, so it will start under systemd

FS-7728 Fixed Windows build issues minus video features

FS-7965 [mod_conference] Fixed an error thrown when compiling with GCC

FS-7985 [mod_voicemail] Fixed a compilation error on 32-bit PCC platform

FS-8015 [mod_conference] Add project dir to include for mod_conference so it picks up mod_conference.h for Windows

FS-8061 [verto_communicator] Adding license to package.json

FS-8047 [build] Fixed build error in mod_basic, mod_rtmp, mod_oreka, and mod_sangoma_codec due to using __FUNCTION__ on newer compilers

FS-8054 [mod_rayo] Fixed a warning when building on Debian

FS-8055 [build] Add confdir variable to freeswitch.pc

FS-7966 [windows] Working msvc 2015 build support. Does not yet include video features.

FS-8019 [debian] Excluded few modules that fail to compile from debian/bootstrap.sh, fixed the handling of -T and -t and added debian/apt_sources.list with necessary dependencies to build master, and updated debian/README.source

FS-8058 [mod_vpx] Build correctly against libvpx that is not installed into default system library locations

The following bugs were squashed:

FS-7579 [mod_conference] Fixed a bug not allowing suppression of play-file-done

FS-7462 [mod_opus] Fix FMTP in the INVITE to use values from opus.conf.xml

FS-7593 [mod_skinny] Fixed a bug where skinny phones would stomp on each other in database when thundering herd occurs

FS-7597 [mod_codec2] Fixed encoded_data_len for MODE 2400, it should be 6 bytes. Also replaced 2550 bps bitrate (obsoleted operation mode) by 2400

FS-7604 [fs_cli] Fixed fs_cli tab completion concurrency issues on newer libedit

FS-7258 FS-7571 [mod_xml_cdr] Properly encode xml cdr for post to web server

FS-7584 More work on rtcp-mux interop issue with chrome canary causing video transport failure

FS-7586 [mod_conference] Change the default min-required-recording-participants option for mod_conference from 2 to 1 and silence the warning when the value is set to 1 in the configs

FS-7607 Update URLs to reflect https protocol on freeswitch.org websites and update additional URLs to avoid 301 redirects.

FS-7479 Fixed a crash caused by large RTP/PCMA packets and resampling

FS-7524 [mod_callcenter] Fixing tiers, level and position should default to 1 instead of 0

FS-7613 Fixed a crash in core text rendering

FS-7612 Fixed invalid json format for callflow key

FS-7609 [mod_sangoma_codec] Now that libsngtc-dev and libsngtc are in the FS debian repo, enable mod_sangoma_codec

FS-7621 [mod_shout] Fixed a slow interrupt

FS-7432 Fixed missing a=setup parameter from answering SDP

FS-7622 [mod_amqp] Make sure to close the connections on destroy. Currently the connection is malloc’d from the module pool, so there is nothing to destroy.

FS-7586 [mod_vlc] A fix for failing to encode audio during the recording of video calls

FS-7573 Fixed 80bit tag support for zrtp

FS-7636 Fixed an issue with transfer_after_bridge and park_after_bridge pre-empting transfers

FS-7654 Fixed an issue with eavesdrop audio not working correctly with a mixture of mono and stereo

FS-7641 Fixed a segfault in eavesdrop video support

FS-7649 [mod_verto] Fixed issue with h264 codec not being configured in verto.conf.xml

FS-7657 [mod_verto] Fixed a bug with TURN not being used. Note, you can pass an array of stun servers, including TURN, to the verto when you start it up. (see verto.js where iceServers is passed)

FS-7665 [mod_conference] Fixed a bug with the video floor settings not giving the video floor to the speaker

FS-7650 [mod_verto] Fixed crash when making a call from a verto user with profile-variables in their user profile

FS-7710 [mod_conference] Added the ability to set bandwidth to “auto” for conference config

FS-7432 Fixed dtls/srtp, use correct a=setup parameter on recovering channels

FS-7678 Fixed for fail_on_single_reject not working with | bridge

FS-7709 [mod_verto] Verto compatibility fixes for Firefox

FS-7689 [mod_lua] Fixed a bug with lua not loading directory configurations

FS-7694 [mod_av] Fixed for leaking file handles when the file is closed.

FS-7467 [mod_callcenter] Fixing stuck channels using uuid-standby agents

FS-7699 [mod_verto] Fixed for browser compatibility

FS-7722 Fixed an issue with record_session including params when creating path

FS-7489 [mod_unimrcp] Fixed a TTS Audio Queue Overflow

FS-7724 [mod_conference] Fixed a segfault when missing fonts when trying to render banner

FS-7519 [mod_av] Fixed a regression in the visual appearance of decode app output

FS-7703 Fixed a bug caused by answer_delay being set in the default configurations

FS-7679 [mod_verto] Fixed a bug causing one way audio on Chrome when video is enabled and when using a sip without video

FS-7729 [mod_verto] Fixed the formatting for IPv6 addresses

FS-7734 [mod_nibblebill] Fixed a deadlock

FS-7726 Fixed a bug with recording a video session on DTMF command

FS-7721 Fixed a segfault caused when using session:recordFile() and session:unsetInputCallback in a lua script

FS-7429 [mod_curl] Fixed to output valid json

FS-7746 [mod_verto] Fixed a device permission error in verto client

FS-7753 [mod_local_stream] Fixed some glitching and freezing video when using hold/unhold

FS-7761 [core] Fix shutdown races running api commands during shutdown

FS-7767 [mod_sofia] Fixed a segfault caused by invalid arguments to sip_dig

FS-7744 [mod_conference] Fixed a bug causing the first user’s video stream to stop when another verto user calls the conference

FS-7486 [mod_sofia] Fixed the handling of queued requests

FS-7775 [mod_conference] Fix threading issue causing stuck worker threads

FS-7777 [mod_imagick] Fixed a regression causing a segfault when playing png & pdf in conference

FS-7778 [mod_sofia] Fixed a bug causing a SQL statement to fail because of a double quote instead of a single quote

FS-7754 [freetdm] Fixed a bug relating to single digit dial-regex with analog devices

FS-7785 [mod_opus] Fix for invalid ptime 30 ms for opus at 8000h . Replaced 30 ms with 40 ms.

FS-7762 [mod_av] Handle buffer allocation failures of large buffers

FS-7849 [verto] Remove extra div breaking full screen in html

FS-7832 [mod_opus] Fixes when comparing local and remote fmtp params

FS-7731 [mod_xml_cdr] Fixed a curl default connection timeout

FS-7844 Fix packet loss fraction when calculating loss average

FS-7789 [mod_av] Fixed issue with audio dropping out partway through recordings

FS-7854 Add task_runtime to tasks table in core database

FS-7856 [mod_av] Fix some segfaults and leaks.

FS-7866 Fixed a crash when running incorrect var api expansion syntax “eval ${${external_sip_ip}:4}”

FS-7861 FS-7862 [mod_conference] Fixed a crash and other issues caused by multi canvas feature

FS-7681 [mod_conference] Factor out conference->canvas and allow per canvas record and play

FS-7869 [mod_conference] Fixed a deadlock on shutdown after playing video file that will not display video

FS-7654 Fixed regressions on eavesdropping on channels playing a file and on channels with unlike rates

FS-7872 [mod_verto] Gracefully fail attempting to transfer 1 legged call

FS-7874 [mod_conference] Fixed incorrect layout group count

FS-7870 [mod_conference] Allow jsonapi commands to pass the string id field to pass special ID’s like “last”

FS-7882 [mod_conference] Allow JSON API commands to send third arg for muting

FS-7888 [mod_verto] Fixed namespacing problems in javascript library masked by global verto object

FS-7811 Use more common format CIF for blank image

FS-7902 [mod_local_stream] Fix for queue filling up when you have a mix of video and non video files

FS-7891 [mod_spandsp] Allow spandsp dtmf detector to work on rates other than 8k

FS-7839 Correct firefox > 38 DTLS behavior to match new EC requirements

FS-7769 [mod_conference] Fixed vmute on personal canvas and fixed changing layouts on personal canvas

FS-7893 [mod_conference] Fixed a bug causing muxing write thread to occasionally not close on shutdown

FS-7904 Fixed alpha image patching

FS-7906 [mod_av] Correct crash from multi-threaded opening or closing of multiple files at the same time

FS-7913 [mod_conference] Fixed miscast variable

FS-7918 [mod_kazoo] Small fixes in mod_kazoo

FS-7917 [mod_sofia] Fixed default config, we really shouldn’t be setting ext-*-ip settings for ipv6 profiles

FS-7908 FS-7092 Fixed the generated sdp including telephone-event for the rates of video codecs (90000) when it should only be audio codec rates

FS-7927 Fixed a typo in variable name: eavesdrop_annnounce_macro

FS-7940 [mod_conference] Fixed an issue where the video image does not appear on the new canvas when switching

FS-7930 [mod_conference] Correct termination of conference when the last member with endconf left.

FS-7953 [verto communicator] Fixed dialing when typing extension using the keyboard.

FS-7958 [mod_conference] Fixed a race condition causing crash in conference video MCU

FS-7951 [mod_rayo] Completely clean up mod_rayo if it fails to load

FS-7955 [mod_sofia] Fixed a crash caused by invalid contact when using event to send a notify message

FS-7970 Fixed crash in video_bug_thread caused by double free

FS-7971 [mod_opus] Fixed a rate mismatch and correctly advertise telephone-event and CN rates based on the advertised rates of offered codecs

FS-7960 Fixed check_ice routine in switch_core_media.c to not use dropped candidates

FS-7975 [mod_voicemail] Fix record-greeting event missing VM-Greeting-Path

FS-7969 Fixed a segfault due to pthread_setschedparam() on a thread that has exited

FS-7962 Fixed sporadic invite/replaces failure

FS-8004 Send keyframe on receiving nack with multiple consecutive packets

FS-8005 [mod_opus] Fix for rare decoder error when doing PLC, OPUS_GET_LAST_PACKET_DURATION might return 0

FS-8006 Changed the typedef of switch_core_video_thread_callback_func_t for consistency

FS-7932 [mod_verto] Removed the param from the getMute function in verto class, not needed on underlying method

FS-8008 [mod_verto] Separate verto default config to have sep v4 and v6 listeners

FS-8016 [mod_conference] Reduce buffering of video in conference mux

FS-7977 [verto communicator] Fixing default resolution and cleaning code

FS-7992 [verto communicator] Fixed device list at settings

FS-8017 [verto communicator] Fixed uses of serialized verto in local storage

FS-7986 [verto communicator] Fix for devices not refreshing if system config changes

FS-7998 [verto communicator] Don’t prompt when recovering call, just do it.

FS-8003 [verto communicator] Use audioInDevices instead of audioDevices to match verto plugin

FS-8027 [verto communicator] Added watchTask flag to browserSync and add proper regex for replacements

FS-8026 [verto_communicator] Added an auto-focus directive to both dial-pad and login so that enter will just work. On dial-pad useful to provide keyboard only input without the need to using the mouse

FS-7995 [verto_communicator] Upon call recovery, emit an event on $rootScope so that controllers are able to properly clear states.

FS-7945 [verto communicator] Use angular-prompt to ask the user to enter a text for the banner. If cancelled, nothing is done.

FS-8045 [verto communicator] Make the folder structure compliant with AngularJS best practices and adjust build system.

FS-7957 [verto_communicator] Make console less chatty by commenting liveArray updates and get initial state of the conference on liveArray boot event.

FS-7979 [verto_communicator] Prompt for extension before transferring a conference member

FS-8001 [verto_communicator] For this to work, passing in the parameter was missing

FS-7979 [verto_communicator] Removed extra console.log and commented line

FS-8025 [verto_communicator] Restored the blue background on the video controls and making icons white again, looking better.

FS-8062 [verto_communicator] Fixed video controls tool-tips, now they are visible

FS-8048 [verto_communicator] Fixed infinite reconnect after changing hostname and websocket url

FS-8066 [verto communicator] Added encoded avatar url to userVariables so that mod_conference can use it when no video, or video mute

FS-8018 [verto_communicator] Separation of concerns. Get storage service to manage all settings instead of vertoService

FS-8043 [verto_communicator] Removed unnecessary calls to localStorage

FS-8040 [verto_communicator] Check if we have a valid resolution reported before calling camera routines and hide controls if none are found

FS-8092 [verto_communicator] If there is no data in localStorage, select best resolution for selected camera

FS-7840 [verto_communicator] Use chatChannel to send and receive messages from conferences

FS-8088 [verto_communicator] Call conference destroy upon hangup and on event destroy to properly unsubscribe from events

FS-8046 [verto] Fixed for library not passing device preferences to dialog properly

FS-8053 [verto] Don’t receive video on screen share

FS-8059 [verto] Fixed typo when transferring party from conference

FS-8060 [verto] Conditionally set video tag src to null for FF and empty string for others

FS-8087 [verto] Fixed issue in camera selection on recovery, refactor to use localStorage, change res detection, reload on network change, pass resCheck callback into deviceParams, always make one basic call to getusermedia to ensure perms are ok, pass valid res to callback, make $.FSRTC.validRes available globally, sync minified, fix depth issue in cached json, test for valid cache before setting vars

FS-8028 [mod_shout] Fixed random sockets being closed regression from FS-7621

FS-8029 [jitterbuffer] Fixed robotic sound when using jitterbuffer when buffer timestamps get behind that of the packet timestamps, such as when the source clock is out of sync with our clock

FS-8056 [mod_voicemail] Fixed a segfault on vm_inject, regression from FS-7968

FS-7968 [mod_voicemail] Fixed verbose events

FS-7942 [udptl] Fixed rare segfault on t.38 fax FS-8014 is a duplicate of this issue

FS-8031 [dtls] Fixed delayed DTLS media due to changing ICE candidates

FS-7903 [proxy_media] Fix Codec PROXY Exists but not at the desired implementation. 0hz 0ms 1ch error when using proxy media.

FS-7989 [fixbug.pl] Add –author option

FS-8037 [mod_sofia] Fixed so zrtp-passthru doesn’t activate unless the zrtp-hash is in the SDP

FS-7135 [mod_sofia] Fixed response to re-invite with duplicate sdp (such as we get from session refresh) when soa is disabled to include an sdp. Fixed t.38 fax failure on session refresh

FS-8050 [mod_av] Fixed a crash when streaming rtmp of desktop share

FS-7640 [rtp] Fixed some comparisons in switch_rtp.c to be wraparound proof

FS-8057 [core] Fixed a segfault when doing video call when built against libyuv but not libvpx

FS-8069 [stun] Fixed ipv6 support missing in stun code

FS-8071 [rtp] remove unnecessary auto adjust remote address rules when in ICE mode

FS-8077 [mod_conference] Fix memory leak in record

FS-8091 [core] Added some missing message names to session message name list (would have caused missing information in some log messages)

FS-8093 [mod_silk] Remove giant stack allocation in switch_silk_decode

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