[Freeswitch-users] Video gets garbled/corrupt after a few seconds

Ankhit Vivekananda ankhit.vivekananda at biscotti.com
Fri Sep 4 02:06:24 MSD 2015


I am new to using FreeSwitch.
Recently, we started implementing FreeSwitch to place video conference
calls between VoIP cameras. The ca,eras call into a conference room on
FreeSwitch. The audio is fine during the call, but the video gets garbled
after a few seconds. The call is based on SIP protocol. Are there any
settings that can be configured for video to function properly. Presently
set video parameters in the autoload_configs/conference.conf.xml file are:

      <param name="conference-flags"
      <param name="video-mode" value="mux"/>
      <param name="video-layout-name" value="2x2"/>
      <param name="video-layout-name" value="group:grid"/>
      <param name="video-canvas-size" value="1280x720"/>
      <param name="video-canvas-bgcolor" value="#333333"/>
      <param name="video-layout-bgcolor" value="#000000"/>
      <param name="video-codec-bandwidth" value="1mb"/>
      <param name="video-fps" value="15"/>

Appreciate any help!

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