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FreeSWITCH Week in Review (Master Branch) August 22nd-29th
Hello, again. This past week in the FreeSWITCH master branch we had 116 commits! Wow, the team was really busy this week! Our features for this week are: added getenv FSAPI to mod_commands, the verto communicator saw many improvements, and the beginnings of another new module! Mod_redis is being deprecated in favor of mod_hiredis!

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New features that were added:

FS-8075 [mod_hiredis] Add mod_hiredis including support for redis limits and added support for raw redis commands. Added deprecation notices to mod_redis

FS-8049 [mod_commands] Add getenv FSAPI

FS-8036 [verto.js] Add chatCallback to $.verto.conf

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:

FS-8061 [verto_communicator] Adding license to package.json

FS-8047 [build] Fixed build error in mod_basic, mod_rtmp, mod_oreka, and mod_sangoma_codec due to using __FUNCTION__ on newer compilers

FS-8054 [mod_rayo] Fixed a warning when building on Debian

FS-8055 [build] Add confdir variable to freeswitch.pc

FS-7966 [windows] Working msvc 2015 build support. Does not yet include video features.

FS-8019 [debian] Excluded few modules that fail to compile from debian/bootstrap.sh, fixed the handling of -T and -t and added debian/apt_sources.list with necessary dependencies to build master, and updated debian/README.source

FS-8058 [mod_vpx] Build correctly against libvpx that is not installed into default system library locations

The following bugs were squashed:

FS-8027 [verto communicator] Added watchTask flag to browserSync and add proper regex for replacements

FS-8026 [verto_communicator] Added an auto-focus directive to both dial-pad and login so that enter will just work. On dial-pad useful to provide keyboard only input without the need to using the mouse

FS-7995 [verto_communicator] Upon call recovery, emit an event on $rootScope so that controllers are able to properly clear states.

FS-7945 [verto communicator] Use angular-prompt to ask the user to enter a text for the banner. If cancelled, nothing is done.

FS-8045 [verto communicator] Make the folder structure compliant with AngularJS best practices and adjust build system.

FS-7957 [verto_communicator] Make console less chatty by commenting liveArray updates and get initial state of the conference on liveArray boot event.

FS-7979 [verto_communicator] Prompt for extension before transferring a conference member

FS-8001 [verto_communicator] For this to work, passing in the parameter was missing

FS-7979 [verto_communicator] Removed extra console.log and commented line

FS-8025 [verto_communicator] Restored the blue background on the video controls and making icons white again, looking better.

FS-8062 [verto_communicator] Fixed video controls tool-tips, now they are visible

FS-8048 [verto_communicator] Fixed infinite reconnect after changing hostname and websocket url

FS-8066 [verto communicator] Added encoded avatar url to userVariables so that mod_conference can use it when no video, or video mute

FS-8018 [verto_communicator] Separation of concerns. Get storage service to manage all settings instead of vertoService

FS-8043 [verto_communicator] Removed unnecessary calls to localStorage

FS-8040 [verto_communicator] Check if we have a valid resolution reported before calling camera routines and hide controls if none are found

FS-8092 [verto_communicator] If there is no data in localStorage, select best resolution for selected camera

FS-7840 [verto_communicator] Use chatChannel to send and receive messages from conferences

FS-8088 [verto_communicator] Call conference destroy upon hangup and on event destroy to properly unsubscribe from events

FS-8046 [verto] Fixed for library not passing device preferences to dialog properly

FS-8053 [verto] Don’t receive video on screen share

FS-8059 [verto] Fixed typo when transferring party from conference

FS-8060 [verto] Conditionally set video tag src to null for FF and empty string for others

FS-8087 [verto] Fixed issue in camera selection on recovery, refactor to use localStorage, change res detection, reload on network change, pass resCheck callback into deviceParams, always make one basic call to getusermedia to ensure perms are ok, pass valid res to callback, make $.FSRTC.validRes available globally, sync minified, fix depth issue in cached json, test for valid cache before setting vars

FS-8028 [mod_shout] Fixed random sockets being closed regression from FS-7621

FS-8029 [jitterbuffer] Fixed robotic sound when using jitterbuffer when buffer timestamps get behind that of the packet timestamps, such as when the source clock is out of sync with our clock

FS-8056 [mod_voicemail] Fixed a segfault on vm_inject, regression from FS-7968

FS-7968 [mod_voicemail] Fixed verbose events

FS-7942 [udptl] Fixed rare segfault on t.38 fax FS-8014 is a duplicate of this issue

FS-8031 [dtls] Fixed delayed DTLS media due to changing ICE candidates

FS-7903 [proxy_media] Fix Codec PROXY Exists but not at the desired implementation. 0hz 0ms 1ch error when using proxy media.

FS-7989 [fixbug.pl] Add –author option

FS-8037 [mod_sofia] Fixed so zrtp-passthru doesn’t activate unless the zrtp-hash is in the SDP

FS-7135 [mod_sofia] Fixed response to re-invite with duplicate sdp (such as we get from session refresh) when soa is disabled to include an sdp. Fixed t.38 fax failure on session refresh

FS-8050 [mod_av] Fixed a crash when streaming rtmp of desktop share

FS-7640 [rtp] Fixed some comparisons in switch_rtp.c to be wraparound proof

FS-8057 [core] Fixed a segfault when doing video call when built against libyuv but not libvpx

FS-8069 [stun] Fixed ipv6 support missing in stun code

FS-8071 [rtp] remove unnecessary auto adjust remote address rules when in ICE mode

FS-8077 [mod_conference] Fix memory leak in record

FS-8091 [core] Added some missing message names to session message name list (would have caused missing information in some log messages)

FS-8093 [mod_silk] Remove giant stack allocation in switch_silk_decode


And, this past week in the FreeSWITCH 1.4 branch we had 2 new commits merged in from master. And the FreeSWITCH 1.4.21 release is here! Go check it out!
The following bugs were fixed:

FS-7912 [mod_conference] Fixed for v1.4 branch to not allocate for conference cdr if conference cdr is disabled

FS-8091 [core] Added some missing message names to session message name list (would have caused missing information in some log messages)

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