[Freeswitch-users] SIP profile not loading

Chris Young Chris.Young at enghouse.com
Tue Sep 1 11:31:00 MSD 2015

Hi all,

Recently, we've begun experiencing a strange problem whereby the first SIP profile to be loaded gets 'stuck' and never actually completes its initialisation. This always seems to affect the first profile only, so if I have profiles named (for example):


then 'dummy' would fail to load but 'external' and 'internal' would be fine. No error messages are output to the logs but preliminary investigation suggests that the profile thread is becoming blocked for some reason. The specified IP address is valid and available and there are no other processes using the requested port. FreeSWITCH comes up successfully but 'sofia status' shows only 'external' and 'internal'. At this point, I can use 'sofia profile dummy start' and the profile loads correctly so it appears to be valid.

Has anybody else seen this kind of behaviour or know what could be causing it?

Many thanks,

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