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apappas apappas at gnostix.gr
Thu Oct 29 20:59:53 MSK 2015

Dear all,
For the past 4 months I've been working with two other colleagues (in Cc) on an OpenSource project to monitor the FreeSWITCH Softswitch in real-time via ESL events.
Our background is in Telecoms so that is where we're coming from with the dashboard: You can see live call numbers, and you can click and drill down to see call details. We also provide KPIs like ASR, ACD, Dialcodes matching etc. - functionalities that will help anyone using FreeSWITCH as a SBC or using FreeSWITCH to pass traffic that's originated from a sip proxy like Kamailio or OpenSips, and also to help users understand what is happening in their FreeSWITCH instances in real-time. 
Here's the git account, and the live instance of the dashboard is here. The credentials are admin/admin
I hope you will find it useful and we are awaiting for your feedback!
Thanks for taking the time to read this rather long email!

Kind Regards
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