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You need to create a sip profile for each interface you want to listen on.


A proper profile is exactly 1 IP and 1 port combination.


Quick way to do this is take the profile you want copy the profile config file to a new name (ex: cp internal.xml vpn.xml )

Then edit vpn.xml changing the name, IPs and Ports as required and repeat as many times as needed for each interface


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Is It possible to change FreeSwitch (SIP) to listen all interfaces on my server?

By netstat command, It's listening only one interface. See below..

tcp        0      0 <>*               LISTEN      23097/freeswitch
tcp6       0      0 ::1:5060                :::*                    LISTEN      23097/freeswitch
udp        0      0 <>*                           23097/freeswitch
udp6       0      0 ::1:5060                :::*                                23097/freeswitch

But, I need register sip extensions from other networks connected there (LAN e VPN).

I tried change sip-ip and rtp-ip, in files internal.xml, but only one Ip works.



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