[Freeswitch-users] Encryption modes on legs influencing each other

Johannes Singler johannes.singler at qnective.com
Mon Oct 5 18:51:24 MSD 2015

FS is a B2BUA.  However, the two legs of a regular call seem to influence
each other, e.g.

1. The caller offers an SDES-SRTP-encrypted connection with ICE.
2. FS offers to the callee a simple RTP connection (no SRTP, no ICE, as
configured in the dialplan), callee answers respectively.
3. FS answers caller, but without with neither "a:crypto" entries nor ICE
4. Why is that?  Shouldn't it answer SDES-SRTP with ICE to the original
caller, respecting the original caller's offer?

When doing WebRTC from the caller (DTLS-SRTP with ICE), this actually works
fine (callee unchanged).

So what's the general scheme for choosing encryption on either side?

Related to that:
Can you enable ICE without completely enabling WebRTC (media_webrtc=true)
from the dialplan? That would help maybe...

Johannes Singler
Software Engineer

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