[Freeswitch-users] Non regression tests?

fayçal noushi faycal.noushi at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 19:09:42 MSD 2015

Hi all,

  A long time ago, I opened a ticket for an issue that I had. I wanted to
extract SDP from multipart messages (this was in a SIP-I scenario case). To
do so, I've had to modify a function in nua_session.c. I'm not used to C
programming, but I  made sure the modifications only impacted the SDP
multipart case which isn't supported anyway.

  The thing is, it was an important step to make a SIP-I call go through
FreeSwitch. I've discussed this in verto with you, people. But, as I
understood it, this couldn't be merged since it had to undergo regression

  My question is this: how can I make those tests?

  Since then, the pull request got declined since I had to redo the same
thing with FS 1.6. I didn't do it since I don't know it's really useful.


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