[Freeswitch-users] Is there a channel variable available to a dialplan that contains the current number of active sessions? ie. matches the command: "show channels count"

Andrew Keil andrew.keil at visytel.com
Fri Oct 2 05:55:53 MSD 2015

To FreeSWITCH users,

I just wondered if there is a way to return a count of the number of active sessions as a channel variable for use within a diaplan?

>From the FreeSWITCH console or FS_CLI the command "show channels count" returns <x> total (where <x> is the current number of active sessions and it is the value of <x> that I would like to use).

Please note: I do not require to check against any limits, I just need this to expose the number of concurrent calls (including the session that is running) to the dialplan script.

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Keil
Visytel Pty Ltd
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