[Freeswitch-users] Voice channels in recorded file is out of sync

Jayesh Nambiar jayesh1017 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 17:50:37 MSD 2014

This problem has been reported several times in JIRA as well as lists
without a proper solution. The problem is that the A-Leg runs a little
ahead than the B-Leg in the recording only. The actual conversation is
clear. I have following inputs to it:
1) This happens when the calls are made from a specific network and for
calls that go beyond 20 minutes.
2) I tried this on Ubuntu 12.04 as well as Ubuntu 13.10, the problem still
remains the same.
3) I've tried this with multiple version of freeswitch and the latest one I
tested with is the following version: Version
1.5.12b+git~20140419T062924Z~f408dae2af~64bit (git f408dae 2014-04-19
06:29:24Z 64bit). In all versions the problem is consistent.
4) I tried with suppress-cng=true as well as false but the problem is still
5) I've added parameters like "bridge_generate_comfort_noise=true" before
6) I've tried with "record_waste_resources=true" before calling
7) I've tried with "record_fill_cng=true" before calling record_session.

None of these helped me in solving this problem. I understand that it is
something in the network probably, but I'll be greatful if anyone can point
me for what to check on the network!! When can freeswitch record_session
introduce such problem so that I can start looking into those directions.
The endpoint being used was Grandstream GXP-1400. Is there a specific
condition under which the freeswitch recording channels can go out of
sync?? Because it starts well but suddenly when the conversation reaches
15-20 minutes the overlapping starts; meaning the channels start going out
of sync !! Any help or pointers will be of great help.


--- Jayesh
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