[Freeswitch-users] Bypass media mode with "intercept" application

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Wed Apr 30 01:10:03 MSD 2014

I'm trying to use GV callback feature in FS and having trouble with making it work in bypass media mode. Incoming calls are working well. Call comes to public context, then it's transferred to local domain context. Then it goes via: <action application="set" data="bypass_media=true"/><action application="bridge" data="..."/>RTP streams directly between remote SIP (caller party) and local SIP client, as it should be by design (calls have better audio quality and don't use resources of local SIP server). Now, I try to do the same when I use GV callback feature. Local dial plan (as recommended in Google Voice API) sets hash with current "uuid" and runs system call to make callback. Then in public context dial plan incoming call is accepted, using "intercept" application with saved "uuid". Exactly as it's recommended. It's working well, but in this case I can't get bypass mode whatever I try to do. * I tried to set "bypass_media=true" before run system call to make callback * I tried to set "bypass_media_after_bridge=true=true" before run system call to make callback * I tried to export those variables from leg A to incoming call (leg B) * I tried to set it before executing "intercept" application on incoming call * I tried to apply global setting to make sure that FS is always using bypass mode ("inbound-proxy-media" set to "true" in "sip_profiles\internal.xml") Nothing works so far... FS always ignores those settings and proxies RTP stream. How to use bypass media mode in this scenario? Thank you in advance 		 	   		  
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