[Freeswitch-users] Polycom NAT issues AGAIN

Moishe Grunstein max at nysolutions.com
Mon Apr 28 07:50:58 MSD 2014

Add this to the sip profile NDLB-force-rport = safe

You can also use tcp instead of udp and set the registration to every 90 seconds.


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I am back to hate on Polycom phones again.  My customer's power was out for 2 days.  Now that everything is repaired the Polycom phones are failing NAT traversal AGAIN.  The Cisco phones on site are all perfect.

The symptoms are repeated "REGISTER" attempts all with CSeq 1.  The only issue I see is that in the request the call-id: ends with @<the external ip address>.  All the phones that are registering have the local address there.  Anyone know how to configure Polycom 335 phones to connect FROM NAT to public addressed FS?

My next choice is to go into the router and map specific ports to these 2 crappy phones.  If my time was worth minimum wage I could have purchased them 2 new phones of any brand and model at this point.

Any CISCO haters want to swap for some VERY LIGHTLY USED (the never frigging work) Polycom 335s?  Or other brand phones that actually work through nat?  I'll swap in a heartbeat.  I kind of like the Polycom's on a local lan without NAT.

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