[Freeswitch-users] Minimum Billing using Nibblebill

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Your solution may be to use cgrates, it is open source and uses the event socket, it will do all you need and much more.

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I've made a patch for that about 2 years ago that got completely ignored on the Jira, when I get to the office I will update the patch file for head and post it here.  
On 22 Apr 2014 17:21, "Shahzad Bhatti" <shahzad.bhatti at g-r-v.com> wrote:
hi everyone,
i am trying to impalement increment billing using Mod_nibblebill as :
like for mexico rate is 60/60 
means minimum duration is 60 sec and 
next increment duration is also 60 sec    
or like for Austria Rate is 60/30
means minimum duration is 60 sec and 
next increment duration is 30
so if call to mexico duration is 15 sec then it cost for 60 sec and id duration is 61 sec then it cost for 120 sec.    
but in Austria case if call duration is 15 sec then cost it for 60 sec and if duration is 61 sec then it cost 90 sec

so while reading wiki i found that i can use 

<variable name="nibble_increment" value="30" />    

for second problem but want to know how i can set for the 1st case that if call duration is 15 second then call cost for 60 seconds.

i read here 


as Billing of minimums does not exist (yet)  

so i want to know how that i can implement that or tell me how anyone manage that issue.


Shahzad Bhatti

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