[Freeswitch-users] DID providers - any thoughts? (jan 2013)

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Tue Apr 22 05:22:46 MSD 2014

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On Apr 21, 2014, at 5:17 PM, Sean Devoy <sdevoy at bizfocused.com> wrote:

> Hi Natula,
> I am ignoring who may or may not be supporters of FreeSwitch for this post.  However, I do NOT think that should be ignored when making your selection and support for this product is very important in the long run.  You can add that in to your decision after reviewing who meets your needs.
> I have been VERY pleased with VOIP service level and tech support from www.vitelity.com.  There wholesales pricing is quite competitive although I have not shopped around in a year or so.  Whole DIDs are $0.49/month, Caller ID service $1/month, E911 $1/month, typical WHOLESALE US calls prices 0.003 per minute (.3 cents).  As full disclosure, I was NOT thrilled with their LNP department in the past, but here again have not ported much lately.  I lease a server in their facility with FreeSwitch on it at an excellent price.  The server lease applies to the wholesale monthly minimum.  The server support is absolutely outstanding.

No t.38, But they do have SMS that works with mod_dingaling (this was demoed at ClueCon last year)

> I have used www.Voipinnovations.com in the past.  Their VOIP Tech support may be the best I ever used, especially LNPs.  In many ways I wish I had stayed there, but I am happy enough with Vitelity to not expend the effort to switch back.  The VOIP Service provided was also very good.

Never heard of these guys.

> I have used DIDLOGIC, especially as a backup when calls fail to route.  However, the sheer number login disconnects and reconnects in the log caused me to drop them.  Others may have more recent experience.  I have no HARSH things to say, just nagging little stuff I never worked out.

Or these guys.

> I still dabble with VOIP.MS.  They have seemed GREAT every time I looked, except they did not offer E911 service.  I understand they do now, but again I am settled in at Vitelity so I keep everything at one place.  They should certainly be looked over.

These guys seem ok too.  

> Hope that helps.
> Sean Devoy

I use Flowroute, e911, CNAM Publish and dips for inbound, T.38 works really well.  No SMS yet.  *MO* WHERE ART THOU SMS!?!?

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