[Freeswitch-users] Snom 370 and Day/Night led

Gerald Weber gerald.weber at besharp.at
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what do you mean by „by 2 extensions that control a variable. „ ?

i never tried to set a led using the dialplan, but using snom_bind_key  you have to configure the button type to „button“ using the http config page.
Then give the button a number in the field , e.g. 12 for button 12.  (http://de.tinypic.com/r/sv03no/8)

The command:
snom_bind_key 12 on test1 xxx yyy internal
where xxx is the sip user the phone is registered to and yyy is the  ip of your fs server

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I'm terribly sorry, i used nabble.com<http://nabble.com> to post the first time but i didn't see the message so i thought there was an error and i sent a direct mail to the users list.
I would never dare to demand an immediate response.
I read mod_snom before posting but i didn't understand how to do it. I'll continue to try.

Best regards

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Since you sent this yesterday, Sunday @4:11pm for most of us, and you’ve asked the same question again this morning at 9:49am,


Please allow people time to actually read, respond to your questions before sending another of the exact same question.
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