[Freeswitch-users] How to force a call to transfer?

Peter Hillier peterhillier at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 7 20:45:02 MSD 2014

Hi folks,
I have a call between user A and user B. B blind-transfers the call to C and the call is answered.

Now user B (who is suddenly feeling left out) wants to take the call back again from C (so A and B are back in a call together, C is discarded). Can I do this in Freeswitch? I've read about "Deflect" but I can't picture the description (included below) into a call flow:

Deflect sends a Refer to the client. The deflect application allows FreeSWITCH to be removed from the list of connection hops and tell the originator to reroute the call. When using the deflect application, FreeSWITCH first hangs up the channel and then send a REFER message and a new INVITE message to the originator. The originator, which could be a gateway or sip proxy, should read the INVITE and reroute the call accordingly.

Is what I am asking possible? What would a sample dial plan entry look like? What if A is an external caller (not a local extension)?

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