[Freeswitch-users] recordings files&directories rights

mcom mcompany at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Apr 7 17:00:39 MSD 2014

Hi all,

Recently I was struggling to force freeswitch to create files and
directories with
recordings so they should be writable by group users. The best option
seems to
be linux's ACL (fs dependent).

# getfacl recordings/
# file: recordings/
# owner: freeswitch
# group: our-group
# flags: -s-

It work as it's expected for freeswitch user (su - freeswitch with
usable shell) but it doesn't
for freeswitch daemon (but still the same user: freeswitch). It looks
that freeswitch force
rwx-r-none rights for directories and rw-r-r for files. I was searching
for any configuration
option in freeswitch conf. files for setting rights but without result.

Last option could be setting umask during daemon start but I'm afraid it
could casue different
problems/maybe security issues with other files/directories.

Wojciech Matys

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