[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH 1.2.22/1.2.23 segfault when using console command alias del

bruce at sqls.net bruce at sqls.net
Mon Apr 7 03:18:57 MSD 2014

Well I'll know in the future :)  Though what's said here on the list 
seems more like "Just make a ticket and fill out what you can..." but 
when making a ticket the wiki/form seems to give the opposite 
impression.  Maybe it could be adjusted so newbies like myself are not 
thrown off.

On the flipside! There's been 3 bug's fixed and FreeSWITCH is a tad bit 
better :)  So that's a positive at least.

I'm not doing any FS dev though, or I don't think so.  I just started 
using it to try and use as a fax server and I just assumed I should use 
the "stable" install.  I just did a yum install on CentOS.  I haven't 
even got to a point where I even know how to actually install from 
source - I'm sure it's not hard but I just haven't got that far yet.  
I'll need to do that soon though so I can take advantage of these fixes!

Is it generally recommended that everyone use the master branch opposed 
to stable or distro packages?  With other projects I've generally 
avoided dev branches since they're often a lot less stable.

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>In this case the code is identical in both so it does not matter.
>Even if you open a JIRA that is wrong somehow,  describing the problem 
>there and closing it or getting more information later to make it valid 
>will then be preserved in the JIRA.  Next time, if its a bug file a 
>JIRA, if you cannot use master, indicate that you will try master soon. 
>  Discussing bugs on the mailing list is not proper.  It drives us 
>batty,  Now I have fixed 3 bugs that have no ticket.....
>All of your issues are now fixed.  Again for clarification, If you are 
>doing any kind of dev with FS, internal or external, you should already 
>be on master anyway.......
>On Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 9:38 PM, <bruce at sqls.net> wrote:
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>>using console command alias del
>>>This complete thing you mentioned doesn't crash the way you said for 
>>I miswrote.  It's the "complete del" command.  I was just about to 
>>make a JIRA and after filling out most of the form I got to the line 
>>that says this..
>>"Have you tried to reproduce this with current GIT HEAD as of THIS 
>>SECOND (This means the master branch not some other branch)? If you 
>>have, include the hash for the git check out in this field, if not 
>>_STOP_, make current and try... if the problem still persists verify 
>>you're on the latest GIT Revision as of RIGHT NOW please continue with 
>>your issue report."
>>Sadly, I don't have a place to test this right now.  So, I'm giving 
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