[Freeswitch-users] Configure aliases and auto-complete on start up. (untested PATCH included)

bruce at sqls.net bruce at sqls.net
Sat Apr 5 19:00:41 MSD 2014

Well, Brian, you may be right.

I was trying to figure out how it worked and figured it probably stored 
the values in the FS database.  So I opened that up and saw the tables 
and noticed both the complete and aliases database has a "sticky" 
integer field.  So I tried the stickyadd sub-command for complete in 
fs_cli and it worked and created a record in the complete table with the 
sticky field set to 1.  Great.  Then I shut down FS and all the values 
(even those with sticky = 0) were still in the table.  Then I started FS 
and everything was wiped out.  I compared this to the aliases table 
where only the sticky=0 records got wiped out.

So, I'm a bit hazy on C but I tried to hunt down how it works.. It looks 
like in mod_commands.c the complete and alias commands get registered as 
console command and that points back to the function 
switch_console_set_complete/alias in switch_console.c.  In that function 
the code for "stickyadd" is already there for complete.

So, the final culprit seems to be switch_core_sqldb.c where it 
clears/rebuilds the db when FS is started.  There's a line in there for 
the alias table to delete all non-sticky records but the complete table 
seems to be totally different.  There's a section around line 3484 that 
makes an array of complete, interfaces, and NULL then walks that array 
and deletes everything in the tables.  I think the NULL just causes the 
for loop to exit out.  So, all that code is just for two tables it 

So, I don't know if there's a reason for that block of code at all.   I 
would think the safest is to just remove complete from the array and 
replicate a similar line below like the alias table has.  But I'm more 
curious if just taking that whole block out and then creating a line for 
complete and interfaces below would be even better and more consistent 
with everything else. Or at the least, remove all the array/loop 
business since it's a lot of code to loop over 1 item (once complete is 
removed) :)

So, on the safe side, from a fresh git clone here's me learning C Brian. 
  Of course I don't really know if any of this is right and I just 
starting using freeswitch last week and I haven't actually ran 
freeswitch with this code... So, well.. try at your own risk I guess, 
but it looks pretty straight forward to me.

diff -u orig-switch_core_sqldb.c switch_core_sqldb.c

--- orig-switch_core_sqldb.c    2014-04-05 08:38:09.547441223 -0500
+++ switch_core_sqldb.c 2014-04-05 09:45:58.916440649 -0500
@@ -3483,7 +3483,7 @@

         if (switch_test_flag((&runtime), SCF_CLEAR_SQL)) {
                 char sql[512] = "";
-               char *tables[] = { "complete", "interfaces", NULL };
+               char *tables[] = { "interfaces", NULL };
                 int i;
                 const char *hostname = switch_core_get_hostname();

@@ -3494,6 +3494,7 @@

         switch_cache_db_execute_sql(sql_manager.dbh, "delete from 
aliases where sticky=0", NULL);
+       switch_cache_db_execute_sql(sql_manager.dbh, "delete from 
complete where sticky=0", NULL);
         switch_cache_db_execute_sql(sql_manager.dbh, "delete from nat 
where sticky=0", NULL);
         switch_cache_db_execute_sql(sql_manager.dbh, "create index 
alias1 on aliases (alias)", NULL);
         switch_cache_db_execute_sql(sql_manager.dbh, "create index 
tasks1 on tasks (hostname,task_id)", NULL);

Though, again.. I would question the need for that whole block at the 

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>This is a perfect project for someone to learn a little C on, We all 
>have to start somewhere. :P
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>On Apr 3, 2014, at 2:18 PM, bruce at sqls.net wrote:
>>  Thank you very much Steven! I hadn't seen any message you sent 
>>previously! That's perfect and will work great.
>>  Thanks everybody for all the hand holding :)
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>>>  I sent a mail with that - in case you didn't see it:
>>>  https://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Mod_lua#Lua_scripts_at_startup
>>>  Check the first link.
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