[Freeswitch-users] avmd usage help or issue?

Malay Thakershi mthakershi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 00:17:18 MSD 2014

Hello, Trying to detect VM from C# mod_managed. I have seen weird behavior
making concurrent outbound calls.

Even though VM is detected on call A, call B (answered by real person) also
gets hung up. Is it possible that the beep from call A is getting mixed up
with call B?

I use session.Execute("avmd", "start") command and then listen
in EventReceivedFunction for avmd_detect variable. Do I have to check for

Please help.

                    mObjMainSession.EventReceivedFunction = (ev) =>
                        Log.WriteLine(LogLevel.Notice, "~~avmd_detect:" +
                        if (mObjMainSession.GetVariable("avmd_detect") ==
                            Log.WriteLine(LogLevel.Notice, "~~VM detected");
aObjCntx.Session.uuid + "-" + "VM detected");
                            mObjMainSession.Execute("avmd", "stop");
                            return "AVMD";

                        return "";

                    Log.WriteLine(LogLevel.Notice, "~~Started AVMD");
                    mObjMainSession.Execute("avmd", "start");
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