[Freeswitch-users] Sofia profile for dual-stack IPv4/v6

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Mon May 13 23:47:56 MSD 2013


I'm implementing FreeSWITCH in a dual-stack environment, now that we
have found some endpoints that can do IPv6 properly.

I have two profiles - internal and internal-ipv6.  I can make calls from
either, but in order to place calls so that a user could be reachable on
either profile, I had to use

This seems to work just fine, but from what I understand, it will try
ALL profiles.  Is there a way to have it just try specific profiles?

I tried it without the */ (just user at domain) and it only came back if it
was in the internal profile.  This could be because I can only alias a
domain to one profile at a time, and I have aliased them all to internal.

For reference, here's my profile arrangement:

external - trunking only, no registrations, all static IP and gateways
external-alt - same as above, on an alternate IP address
public - no registrations, a restricted profile just for incoming sip
calls (URI calling, enum, etc.)
public-ipv6 - same as above, but IPv6
fax - all our fax ATAs register to this.  They all have the same domain
internal - all our endpoints register here, all customer domains are
aliased to this profile
internal-ipv6 - IPv6 endpoints register here.  We can't alias the
domains, as they are already aliased above.  The profile is otherwise
the same, except that it is bound to an IPv6 interface, has NAT turned
off, and will soon allow bypass media.

Has anyone else run FreeSWITCH in a dual-stack environment?

Are there any potential negative consequences to using the */ option in



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