[Freeswitch-users] How to Manage a 2 Line Call

Zoltan Medveczky zoltan.medveczky at 8x8.com
Wed Mar 20 22:43:23 MSK 2013

I'm trying to figure out the best way to implement the following scenario:

1) A Caller dials into FreeSWITCH and is bridged to an Agent phone.

2) At some point, the Agent puts the Caller on hold (with music) and dials
out to his Supervisor.

3) After conversing with his Supervisor for some time, the Agent puts the
Supervisor call leg on hold and takes the Caller off hold.

4) At this point, the Agent can put either party on hold while conversing
with the other.

Note that I don't need this to become a 3 way call at any time.  Also, I'm
controlling this scenario from an external application via
"mod_event_socket" as opposed to using the XML dial plan.

My question is, can this scenario be implemented simply using the "hold",
"unhold", and "bridge" dial plan applications, or does this require the use
of the conferencing module?

I had some issues using the first approach, specifically, I was not able to
initiate a dial out to the Supervisor phone while the Caller leg was on
hold.  Also, the Supervisor call leg would get hung up on whenever I tried
to bridge back to the Caller.

In regards to using the conferencing module, is it reasonably straight
forward to move 2 call legs (i.e. the Caller and the Agent) from a bridged
call into a conference?  I could avoid bridging altogether and immediately
conference the Caller and the Agent at the time that the Caller dials into
FS, but I want to avoid the overhead involved in setting up a conference in
the case that this 2 line call scenario is not required which is typically
the case.

- Zoltan
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