[Freeswitch-users] DID providers - any thoughts? (jan 2013)

Cal Leeming [Simplicity Media Ltd] cal.leeming at simplicitymedialtd.co.uk
Thu Jan 31 04:39:17 MSK 2013

Just been looking over a few other providers..

VoxBeam look really good, but sadly they do not offer an automation API yet
- which is a real kicker for us :(

Conexiant also seem good, but they charge per minute and don't list their
concurrent channel limits.. is this a common thing among US DID providers??

DIDnumbers seems to have a great range of numbers, good prices, but doesn't
seem to have any notable reputation.

Out of all of them, Conexiant appear to be the most reputable for US DIDs..
any thoughts???


On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 8:13 PM, Cal Leeming [Simplicity Media Ltd] <
cal.leeming at simplicitymedialtd.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I've been recently reviewing several DID providers, and looking for some
> feedback.
> I appreciate this isn't totally on topic for FreeSWITCH, but over the last
> few months I've found the community feedback to be invaluable - so I'm
> hoping it might open up a good discussion.
> I would be really interested to hear other peoples experiences with their
> DID providers, as much detail as possible.
> There are several providers we've looked at, but they are either reselling
> others services, or do not deliver the service quality we are looking for.
> The criteria I've been looking for is;
> * Able to provide either US or UK numbers
> * Exposes an API that allows control of purchasing and routing
> * Guarantees premium call quality, good latency, and inbound CLI.
> * Does NOT operate on a market/exchange basis
> * Trading as a telecoms provider for more than 5 years
> * Has a reputable name within the community or industry
> So far, I have only found the following providers that meet this criteria;
> * Hello Telecom - UK numbers only, ITSPA registered, no charges for
> minutes, rental or concurrent channels. No minimum charges. Excellent call
> quality/latency, no CLI problems, and almost no downtime in the last 6
> months. However, they do not offer a sane purchasing API which makes
> automation difficult, and interop with FS has been somewhat painful.
> * Simwood - UK numbers only, ITSPA registered. Slightly more expensive but
> still very fair. Currently at inter-op stage, so can't comment further -
> but they seem very good so far.
> * Voxbone - Most numbers, ITSPA registered. Extremely high minimum spend,
> difficult to justify unless you already have existing traffic.
> * BT - UK numbers only (I think), ITSPA registered (of course lol).. Over
> 9000 pages of inter-op and around £10k in set up fees.
> Thanks in advance
> Cal
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