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On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 11:29 PM, Cal Leeming [Simplicity Media Ltd] <
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> Thank you everyone for the feedback, here is a few comments;
> @Avi - ukddi.com was down on the first visit, and I couldn't find much
> trading history behind the company.. The website now redirects to
> http://www.3c.co.uk but contains very little info. Duedil shows
> a 'Compulsory strike off' for 3c Limited, the address on the website shows
> different to the one on company records, and the registered address appears
> to be a residential. The site also contains no contact info, the whois
> shows a gmail address as the email contact, and the website is registered
> to an individual rather than a company (which is actually against Nominet
> rules!). Now interestingly, his domain points to 'telng.com' which is
> actually owned by Hello Telecom.. other people associated with TelNG are
> also connected with Hello Telecom. Either way, all these things set off a
> lot of alarm bells :/
> @Vallimamod VoIPTalk (otherwise known as Telappliant) is for consumer/b2b,
> not really carrier grade trunking. Although they are re-selling Voxbone
> without the spend commitment, they are still just another reseller.
> @Luke Ah, now we had actually spoken with AQL on several occasions, but I
> was not overly impressed with their legal and sales teams (took weeks of
> emails to get clear/concise answers). Their concurrent channel charges were
> quite expensive, and overall we were left with a bad taste from it.
> However, that being said, they are certainly a reputable company and I
> couldn't find any negative reviews on them. We didn't get to the inter-op
> stage so I can't directly comment on service quality, but  from what I
> could tell, their services seemed pretty solid.
> Cal
> On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 8:13 PM, Cal Leeming [Simplicity Media Ltd] <
> cal.leeming at simplicitymedialtd.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I've been recently reviewing several DID providers, and looking for some
>> feedback.
>> I appreciate this isn't totally on topic for FreeSWITCH, but over the
>> last few months I've found the community feedback to be invaluable - so I'm
>> hoping it might open up a good discussion.
>> I would be really interested to hear other peoples experiences with their
>> DID providers, as much detail as possible.
>> There are several providers we've looked at, but they are either
>> reselling others services, or do not deliver the service quality we are
>> looking for.
>> The criteria I've been looking for is;
>> * Able to provide either US or UK numbers
>> * Exposes an API that allows control of purchasing and routing
>> * Guarantees premium call quality, good latency, and inbound CLI.
>> * Does NOT operate on a market/exchange basis
>> * Trading as a telecoms provider for more than 5 years
>> * Has a reputable name within the community or industry
>> So far, I have only found the following providers that meet this criteria;
>> * Hello Telecom - UK numbers only, ITSPA registered, no charges for
>> minutes, rental or concurrent channels. No minimum charges. Excellent call
>> quality/latency, no CLI problems, and almost no downtime in the last 6
>> months. However, they do not offer a sane purchasing API which makes
>> automation difficult, and interop with FS has been somewhat painful.
>> * Simwood - UK numbers only, ITSPA registered. Slightly more expensive
>> but still very fair. Currently at inter-op stage, so can't comment further
>> - but they seem very good so far.
>> * Voxbone - Most numbers, ITSPA registered. Extremely high minimum spend,
>> difficult to justify unless you already have existing traffic.
>> * BT - UK numbers only (I think), ITSPA registered (of course lol).. Over
>> 9000 pages of inter-op and around £10k in set up fees.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Cal
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Gamma Telecom

BT Equiv
Virgin Media Business

I might also speak to Andrews and Arnold they might not quite fit your
initial criteria, but well worth talking to www.aaisp.net
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