[Freeswitch-users] Handling call forward activate / deactivate through FreeTDM using Sangoma A200

Benoit Raymond benoit.raymond at amiconcept.com
Tue Jan 22 22:53:53 MSK 2013

Hello FS users,


I have Freeswitch (1.3.13) using a Sangoma A200 card with 2 FXO. I am using
FreeTDM and inbound/outbound calls are going through. One of the POTS line
has call forwarding feature so my customer wants to have the ability to dial
*72 / *73 and get proper dialtone back from the phone company so he can
activate or deactivate CFW.


While the call is marked as answer in the log, I don’t hear the dialtone
back so unsure if it works or not. This is the dialplan I used:


    <extension name="CFW Handler">

      <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(\*72|\*73)$">

        <action application="set"

        <action application="bridge" data="freetdm/FXO/1/$1"/>

        <action application="hangup"/>




Is there a better way or a good way of doing this?




Benoit Raymond

AMI Concept Inc.

Solutions VoIP Affaire / Création Web

Tel: (450) 553-1231

http://www.amiconcept.com <http://www.amiconcept.com/> 


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